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Talks for Bus Enthusiasts

(Organised on the initiative of the Aycliffe and District Bus Preservation Society and the United Enthusiasts' Club)

Talks for bus enthusiasts - professional and amateur - were first held regularly on-line as an antidote to confinement during the pandemic of 2021. They proved successful in maintaining social contact and interest in the bus fraternity of the north-east of England. They have continued since and are now published widely.

If you wish to attend one of the talks, apply to the designated person adjacent to choice. In response you will receive an invitation to attend, with a link to connect.

To avoid feedback it is best to use at least headphones or a headset. Most participants also use a webcam in order to be visibly present.

Admission is at the behest of the host for that meeting. If your participation proves unacceptable (because your equipment is causing noisy feedback, for example) you may be excluded.

There is no charge for attendance.

Feedback is welcome. Please communicate your remarks to the host after the meeting.

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